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There's a thread on the Kawoosh! Forum where members post up an idea for a Stargate music video challenge. The process starts with a discussion of an idea to observe the level of interest before announcing it as a challenge. Details of the challenge are then confirmed together with a deadline date. After the deadline, there is a vote for the best video.

If you have an idea for a challenge or would like to enter a current active challenge, scoot over to the Kawoosh! Forum - a great place to talk vidding with others in threads for technical assistance, general vidmaking questions and discussions, a place to announce any videos you've made (which are then automatically listed on Kawoosh! without the need to fill out the "Submit A Vid" form)... as well as a friendly atmosphere with plenty of socialising space and off-topic chatter!

Video entries for challenges will only be counted if they are posted in the appropriate thread.

Foreign language challenge
by Stargate_sg1_luver

- All music must have non-English lyrics.
- Subtitles are allowed but not required.
- A text translation of the lyrics to English would be advisable and very helpful to assist non-native speakers in understanding the music.
1: UhSir
Remind Me of Love

2: Korat
C'est Lundi

· gatebee: Pinoy Ako
· Tonttu: Ihmisten Edessä
· Torri012: Liebt sie dich so wie ich?
· Valika: Ősidők óta/ Since Ancient Times

Deadline: 24/05/2009

Movie Trailer Redo Challenge
by Stef

Take the audio from a movie trailer of your choice and edit it with Stargate (Atlantis or SG-1) footage.
1: UhSir
Defiance (Jaffa Resistance)

2: Valika
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trailer in SGA Style

3: Stefanie
SG1's Casino Royale

· Anijsha: Stargate Atlantis Episode III.: Revenge of the Wraith
· claire_svu_fan: I Heart Stargate
· dannysgirlsg1: At Universe's End
· Demelza: Chronicles of Riddick - Stargate SG1 Remix
· Sqweakie: SGA Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
· superhero in disguise: CBT

Deadline: 01/03/2009

80's Music Challenge
by Budong Chow

make a vid using a song from the 80's
1: dannysgirlsg1
Simply Irresistible

· perkin127: Ronon/Jennifer: Heartbreaker
· UhSir: Don't Wanna Lose You
· Valika: Thank God It's Christmas

Deadline: 21/12/2008

Single Secondary Character challenge
by Valika

Your mission is to create a video focused on a single secondary character from either of the SG series.
1: Nebulan
Woolsey: Breakaway

2: Budong Chow

3: Anijsha
I'm Your Fault

· ChristianGateFan: What I've Done
· cynicalshoes: Under The Bridge
· Korat: Whispers
· Kropelka: Hard Headed Woman
· MythQueen: This Is Why I'm (not) Hot
· Stefanie: The Orici
· superhero in disguise: Someday
· Tammy: You've Got To Stand For Something
· Valika: Ba'al's Song

Deadline: 19/10/2008

Ultimate Crossover Challenge
by Rae (revived by Stargate_sg1_luver)

Make a crossover vid (either Stargate OR Atlantis) with another show.
1: Chayiana
The Lost Button

2: jemo
White and Nerdy

3: Budong Chow
Just A Dream

4: Samus McAslan
The Future Soon

· Kate_girl: Blue Eyed Lady
· kjcharmed: Tears Of An Angel
· Lucas: Heroes
· Nebulan: Stargate Atlantis
· OneCheekyHobbit: Atlantis
· perkin127: Holding Out For A Hero
· superhero in disguise: Don't Forget
· Valika: Sex Bombs

Deadline: 29/06/2008

Wormhole Challenge
by Korat (tweaked by ZiMarquise)

Create a music video that is exactly 38 seconds long - including credits.
1: Stefanie
A Season In Seconds

2: Chayiana
Pirates Of The Pegasus Galaxy

3: afterThought
Taking Back What's Ours

4: Budong Chow
Stargate In Love

4: Korat
Bill Lee the Science Guy

5: jaffatech
200 in 38

5: ppatoc
Clip - 108 - Stargate Atlantis 38 seconds

· Beach Chick: Fairy Tales
· Helen: Sheppard's First Journey
· jemo: Best Of Friends
· Kate_girl: 38 Seconds of Sam & Jack
· Kuwdora: Oh Lord
· Lucy: Atlantis Teaser (Pretend)
· MahdiTheRovingBlade: The Serenity of Ronon and Keller
· MythQueen: Dead Wraith Tell No Tales
· Nebulan: Mine, Mine, Mine
· nicole: Cam Mitchell: Replicator Slayer
· perkin127: Wormhole 38 Seconds Ronon Dex Sateda
· Plincess Reia: Stargate!
· Shenon: Antidepression Vid
· spacecadet: Porcelain
· starrylizard: 38 Minutes In 38 Seconds
· superhero in disguise: Mission: Zelenka
· UhSir: Whatever Happened (preview)
· Valika: Awakening

Deadline: 27/04/2008

Video Game Music Challenge
by Samus McAslan (pimped by Dr-Fumbles-McStupid)

Use any version of a song from any kind of computer/video game.

Check out the forum thread for song ideas.
1: starrylizard
Stargate Atlantis: The video game

2: Budong Chow
Seasons Of War

3: Samus McAslan
The Legend of Harmony

4: 0Min

4: Maya
Stargate Atlantis: Armed Galaxy Exploration

· Edia: In The Shadow Of Atlantis
· Korat: La Grande Illusion
· Nebulan: Johnbrush Shepwood
· Pyrate Anny: Atlantis: Transformable Robot Pook
· spacecadet: SG-1 Pac-Man Style
· Valika: Losses
· ZiMarquise: Talion

Deadline: 08/03/2008

Christmas Challenge
by Korat

Use a Christmas song
1: Budong Chow
Christmas Stargate Style

2: Stefanie
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

3: dkwilliams
Daniel's Christmas List

4: Emergencyfan
Christmas at Ground Zero

4: Gater
Silent Night

· Beach Chick: I'm Gettin' Nuttin' For Christmas
· DrFumblesMcStupid: Christmas Medly
· Elizabeth SH: All I Want For Christmas
· Kate_girl: Holiday Spirit, Atlantis Style
· Korat: Here Comes Santa
· Leliana McKay: Rodney the red nosed reindeer
· superhero in disguise: Vixen

Deadline: 06/01/2008

Disney Challenge
by jemo

Use a song from a Disney movie - animated or live action.

It must be a lyrical song.

Song choice must have been made for the movie but doesn't have to be sung by the characters.
1: Budong Chow
Under The Sea: Atlantis Style

2: Sache8
Ronon!!! (Gaston)

3: dark_orion

4: Beach Chick
Unforgettable Love

· dkwilliams: I Won't Say I'm In Love
· DrFumblesMcStupid: Ohana
· Hope Leslie Hermnharry: You'll Be In My Heart Always
· jemo: A Girl Worth Fighting For
· Kate_girl: Can you Feel The Love Tonight?
· Kelly Dawn: No Way Out
· Nebulan: Savages
· Nosferata: Hakuna Matata - presented by Urgo
· Plincess Reia: Michael: Not One Of Us
· Samus McAslan: Disney Crackship Medley
· Stefanie: You'll Be In My Heart
· superhero in disguise: Woody's Roundup

Deadline: 18/11/2007

Same Song Challenge - Lyrical
by Stargate_sg1_luver

You have one song, and one song only, as selected by a poll. The song of choice is Gravity Of Love (downloadable from the challenge thread).

You may edit this song if you so choose.

You must post your vid in the 'Same Song Challenge - Lyrical' thread on the deadline date.
1: Chayiana
Rodney's Despair

2: Stefanie
Gravity Of Love

3: Elizabeth SH
In The Eye Of The Storm

4: UhSir
Solemn Devotion

· Beach Chick: Gravity Of Love
· claire_svu_fan: Gravity Of Love
· dark_orion: O Fortuna Velut Luna
· dkwilliams: O Fortuna velut Luna!
· Echo: Gravity Of Love
· Helen: Gravity Of Love
· Korat: Mistaken Love
· MythQueen: Mirror
· Susu: The Betrayal

Deadline: 30/09/2007

Humour Challenge
by Stargate_sg1_luver

Make a humour vid.
1: jemo
Take Me Or Leave Me

2: Korat
What To Do About Barney

3: kuroima
Teyla-Kim Possible

· dkwilliams: Little Red Corvette
· Richochet: Here It Goes Again
· Samus McAslan: Save Teyla Emmagan
· Shenon: I'd Do Anything
· superhero in disguise: The D'oh Worthy Moments
· Susu: I Always Get What I Want
· UhSir: Gimme Dat Sam and Jack

Deadline: 12/08/2007

Country Challenge
by Stargate_sg1_luver

Use a country song.
1: jemo

2: PansyChubb
Before He Cheats

3: Chayiana
Teyla's Party

· cabenson: One Of The Boys
· Helen: Elizabeth In Love
· Korat: Waiter Bring Me Water
· Sache8: Boys Are Back
· spacecadet: Would You Go With Me
· UhSir: Felger Obsessed

Deadline: 17/06/2007

Same Song Challenge - Instrumental
by Stargate_sg1_luver

You have one song, and one song only, as selected by a poll. The song of choice is Lepcis Magna (downloadable from the challenge thread).

You may edit this song if you so choose but it must not be longer than 5 minutes.

You must post your vid in the 'Same Song Challenge - Instrumental' thread on the deadline
1: Elizabeth SH

2: Nebulan
Season 3 Tribute

3: UhSir
Magna Amor

4: spacecadet
Jack's Ordeal

4: Yokiem

· Chayiana: Nasty Drones
· Chryséis: Anciens' Children
· Judith: The McShep show
· Korat: Dies Irae
· Shenon: Season 3 team video
· ZiMarquise: Lepcis Magna

Deadline: 29/04/2007

TV Theme Challenge
by Nibikko

Use a TV show theme tune but do not create a TV credits video. There should not be any opening credits style look to these vids.

Only use music from the TV show intro, no extended versions allowed.
1: Chayiana
Muppets In Atlantis

2: Nibikko
It's A Jungle Out There

3: Elizabeth SH
Atlantis Calling

4: SailorSueUK
Impossible Selection

5: Yokiem
Roadrunner & The Coyote, The

· AtlantisX: Doctor Atlantis
· Beach Chick: Powerpuff Girls
· dkwilliams: Fresh Jaffa of the SGC
· Dragonlady: Teyla Warrior Princess
· farscape fran: Love Boat, The
· Irish Eyes: Elizabeth: She made it…after all
· jaffatech: Welcome Back
· jemo: Atlantis Tales
· Korat: Can We Fix It
· naefox: Green Puddle Jumper, The
· Nebulan: Weird Rodney Show
· Nosferata: Duck Tales
· Plincess Reia: Homer O'Neill
· Rae: Psych
· Samus McAslan: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
· spacecadet: Now & Again
· starrylizard: SeaQuest SGA
· TortieKitten: Atlantis Family, The

Deadline: 04/03/2007

Mini Vid Challenge
by afterThought

The video cannot be more than one minute long. That includes your title sequences and closing credits.

This might mean you have to get a little creative with editing your music. It also may mean you have to think long and hard about what you’re trying to get across and how you’re going to present it because time is limited.
1: Nibikko
Weird Science

2: afterThought
Got The Victory

3: dkwilliams
Beer, Beer, Beer

4: farscape fran
Minute Of Camelot, A

5: Gater
Catch Me If You Can

· aaobuttons: Gone But Not Forgotten
· contact2918: Kassa Acres
· Doublej42: Last Warning
· Dragonlady: Love In Pegasus
· Emily Radcliffe: Gate, The
· Equus: Superstar
· HyperCaz: Cultural Differences
· jemo: Common Ground
· Korat: Spiriti
· Mélanie: Have You Seen All That ?
· Monsie: It's Not The Fall That Hurts
· Mycenia: First Battle, The
· Nebulan: McWeir MiniVid
· reese: Horny As A Dandy
· Rev aka Martin Mittner: SG1 Word Dissociation
· Sache8: Supersoldiers
· SE: Amsterdam
· Shenon: Everytime We Touch
· spacecadet: Insomnia
· Starlover1990: Action SG1 Vid
· starrylizard: Flaunt Those Eyebrows
· The Libran Iniquity: When Bodily Possession Goes Wrong
· Yokiem: Scooby Ronon

Deadline: 07/01/2007

Challenge: The Musical
by EKR

Use a song from a musical - it can be from a stage musical or a film musical.
1: Nibikko
It's A Hard-Knock Life

2: dkwilliams
I'm Always True to You (In My Fashion)

3: Rae
Ode To The Puddle Jumper

· Aruna7: Talk To Me
· Darcy: Man Of La Mancha
· Emily Radcliffe: If Jack Only Had A Brain
· Equus: Spare Time
· MryddinWilt: Letter, The
· Red Phoniex: With One Look
· reese: Teyla + Elizabeth
· RogueDragon: Beyond the Reach of Time
· Sache8: In His Eyes
· Shenon: Rómeó és Júlia - Verona
· spacecadet: Memories
· Starlover1990: Mamma Mia
· tyro: Miracles

Deadline: 15/10/2006

Double Instrumental Challenge
by Stargate_sg1_luver

Two music videos:

1) Use a classical piece of music
(Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn etc. i.e. at least 40 years ago)

2) Use an instrumental piece of music
(film/trailer music, song without words, etc.)

You may only use a limit of 7 voice-overs and cannot use any Immediate Music tracks.

The votes will result in one overall editor winner rather than an overall video winner.

Each video must be over 45 seconds long but no more than 5 minutes.
1: afterThought
Something Wicked This Way Comes

1: afterThought
War Is Upon You

2: Shenon
Requiem For A Dream

2: Shenon
Piano Concerto No1

3: EKR
Challenge Vid 1

3: EKR
Challenge Vid 2

· reese: End, The
· reese: James Bond
· The Libran Iniquity: Eye of the Panther
· The Libran Iniquity: Snow & The Wings

Deadline: 18/06/2006

Immediate Music Trailer Challenge
by SNY

Trailer video using tracks found on "Themes for Orchestra and Choir" by Immediate Music.

You may use one track or multiple tracks.
1: Dragonfly
Stargate SG1

2: Gater
Defend Atlantis

3: Emily Radcliffe
Moebius Trailer

· EKR: Kawoosh! Trailer Challenge Entry
· Marky G: Know Heaven
· Mélanie: Trailer Saison 4
· Rae: Grand Inquisition
· reese: Defiant One, The

Deadline: 04/03/2006

Hip Hop Video Challenge
by gateslacker

Use a hip hop song.
1: fireez
Pump It

2: brihana25
Galaxy Defenders, The

3: Glenda
Let's Get It Started

· EKR: Hip Hop
· Emily Radcliffe: Let's Get It Started
· Na'onak: Ghetto Gospel
· Paul 'Opinions' Foster: Let's Get Ready To Rumble
· Terrah: Scandalous

Deadline: 11/11/2005

Bye Bye Jack
by CellarDoor

Jack-tribute video - a flashback of 8 years of Jack-goodness.
1: Mélanie
Goodbye Jack

2: Cole J
I Hope You Dance

3: EKR
Jack's Story

· Arnise: What A Wonderful World
· Cherry Brandy: Days
· farscape fran: My Way
· Na'onak: What If (A Tribute To Jack O'Neill)

Deadline: 28/08/2005

by Nao'nak

New Stargate SG-1 title credits using a theme tune from a television show (past or current).

The video must feature all members of SG-1 and if possible, their names (actor and/or character names) as a title.

No more than 2 minutes long.
1: Mélanie
Stargate Files, The

2: Amalthia
Star Trek: TNG

2: EKR
Battlestar Gallactica

· Hoodat Whatzit: AstroBoy
· Na'onak: Buck Rogers - Stargate Style
· thudjack: Faith Of The Heart

Deadline: 07/06/2005

Poor Daniel
by ArmondoSC

Daniel-centric humour video about his constant dying.

At least 3 minutes long.
1: Cherry Brandy

2: Gater
I Think I'm Dead

2: Glenda
Die Another Day

3: Amalthia
One More Shot

· Martouf Marty: Tear

Deadline: 30/04/2005

by Muppet

Asgard-centric music video.
N/A · Gater: ('',)
· Monsie: 007 Theme
· Muppet: Asgard

Deadline: 31/10/2004

Title Credits
by ArmondoSC

Use clips featured only on Stargate SG-1's title credits.

More than one minute long.
1: Na'onak

2: Muppet
Happy Days

3: Gater
Gate Address For Sesame Street?


Deadline: 00/00/0000

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