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privacy policy

Kawoosh! does not store cookies on your computer, however the Kawoosh! Forum does and is explained further in the paragraph below. There are site statistics provided by the Kawoosh! webhosting service, where factors such as the number of hits, amount of bandwidth used and popular pages are recorded. Site statistics also show percentages of which countries use the site as well as URL links that have referred to the site as well as exit pages. The webhosting service also provides logs that note down IP numbers that visit Kawoosh! and track what pages they are viewing within the site. Error logs are also created that track the date and time of a successful/unsuccesful loading of a page, useful to fix broken links and images, for example.

The Kawoosh! Forum uses cookies and will save them onto your computer. There are a number of reasons why these cookies are essential: to remember your username/password details to keep you logged in during a session, to tell you when the last time you logged in was, to note which threads you have or haven't read yet, and to remember the status of your U2U mailbox. You can disable the use of cookies via your web-browser, but you may find that the forum will not work properly.

Information submitted via the "Submit A Vid" form will be used on the Kawoosh! website only. E-mail addresses are displayed in plain text (i.e. not as a link) and are masked in the format of "name {at} provider.com" to help prevent bots sweeping Kawoosh! pages for e-mail address to later be potentially used for spamming.

PHP sessions are used to handle data when processing forms such as "Contact Gater" and "Submit A Vid". Session data is erased as soon as the page has loaded or the form has been submitted. There is no other data taken other than described on the form.

Any information submitted to Kawoosh!, including the Kawoosh! Forum will be held privately and confidentially. Such information will never be intentionally nor knowingly passed on, disclosed, or sold to third parties unless required by law or permission has been granted from the individual.

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