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Kawoosh! is a not-for-profit site, however any funds generated by the adverts on the site help to keep Kawoosh! online and pay the webhosting bills. Funds are also generated via commission from Amazon.co.uk: http://amazon.kawoosh.co.uk.

I purchase my domain names from Heart Internet and have a webhosting package with them. If you're looking for a cheap place to buy domains, try them out. I currently have four domain names registered via them and the customer services are great - I'm not just saying that! I've had my share of yelling at them when things weren't working and they reassured me as they sorted it out. If you use my link and purchase any of their services, I will gain valuable commission.

Please remember that I started Kawoosh! as a small project to keep me out of trouble. It used to be a hobby, now it's like a job - a voluntary job. I feel I have a responsibility to keep Kawoosh! up and running. Know that it will always be a free site. No way would I ever try to enforce a fee to use Kawoosh! as that would completely go against my philosophy.

You can also donate any amount you'd like via PayPal. It's really easy and safe to use.

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