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Kawoosh! is a Stargate music video archive website that collects information about Stargate music videos made all over the world and are available over the Internet. Kawoosh! is a massive database of links to music videos and to websites of vidders.

The main purpose of this site is to make music videos and their editors known to other editors and other passers-by of this site. Don't be shy to e-mail the editor in response to a video you have just watched. Many vidders love feedback, good or bad, so why not just send them a little note to tell them what you think about their creations? Don't be shy, we're all a friendly bunch!

The Kawoosh! timeline...

21st October 2003
Kawoosh! was born as a purely HTML-based website - yes, details had to be manually typed up over and over again... and over again...
April 2004
An updates blog was launched, hosted by Blogger.com. It was useful to have this hosted on a separate server to Kawoosh! as sometimes the site would go down and visitors could still be kept in the loop.
16th May 2004
500 videos were listed on the Kawoosh! database.
25th July 2004
Kawoosh! switched web hosts from 123-reg.co.uk to Heart Internet. The Kawoosh! domain name was bought and the URL changed into the subdomain http://kawoosh.shortty.co.uk. The new webhosting package supported MySQL database and a little something called PHP...
Summer 2004
As Kawoosh! kept growing, the tediously painstaking job of constant typing, editing, copying and pasting, *head desks* when an editor decided to change their URLs, was really getting to me. So I learnt PHP and MySQL (via Google!). I finally got my head around it, despite the incident where Heart Internet phoned me up to warn me that my bad experimental PHP coding was using up the majority of their resources (they were very nice and sympathetic to my "I'm a n00b" panic state).
August 2004
Kawoosh! was now powered by PHP and a MySQL database, with a slap of HTML here and there.
18th September 2004
The 700th video was listed.
21st September 2004
There used to be a link to a forum called "SG1 Vidmaker's Forum", hosted by Angelique. Unfortunately it got hacked. Angelique didn't seem too interested in reviving it or making a new one, so three days later Muppet twisted my up into making a new forum, which looked pretty much like the old one.
October 2004
The first Kawoosh! Forum Challenge took place. (However, there is no official record for it).
26th November 2004
1000 videos were listed on the Kawoosh! database, with (oh-so very almost) 100 editors.
14th April 2005
The birth of a shiny domain name: kawoosh.co.uk together with a new e-mail address: gater ak kawoosh dot co dot uk :) Another webhosting move took place due to copyright blah-blahs and now Host Dime is responsible for keeping Kawoosh! online.
31st May 2005
Contacted by a company called Deep Focus Media, Kawoosh! got to host it's very first official competition as they were willing to give Kawoosh! two copies of the Stargate Atlantis premiere DVD as prizes to advertise the new spin-off series.
19th September 2005
*head desk* I destroyed the Kawoosh! database (no, obviously not on purpose) and had to manually re-do every editor's video links again, approximately 2000 links. Not fun.
21st September 2005
NedStat used to gather site statistics for Kawoosh!, however when they got taken over by another company, the NedStat code embedded on Kawoosh! was inadvertently calling a URL associated with viruses and trojan horses... obviously, it got taken off. Oh, and the database was pretty much all patched up and fixed.
4th October 2005
US verson of Kawoosh!?
25th February 2006 @ 4:39am
Version 3 of Kawoosh! was launched (together with a new site counter from Site Meter). This new version used a ton of CSS to help with the site layout, experiments with Photoshop to create graphics for the site, and ;) adverts were deployed to help generate funds to keep Kawoosh! online.
27th February 2006
2300 videos and counting...
13th March 2006
There were 12000 posts on the forum.
19th May 2006
Another new domain: puddlejumping.co.uk - I resurrected my LiveJournal and decided to not only use the place for my ramblings, but to post Kawoosh! updates there as well. The subdomain http://kawoosh.puddlejumping.co.uk was created for visitors who only wanted to see the Kawoosh! updates entries.
31st July 2006
After some long thoughts and endless discussions, it was decided that Kawoosh! will no longer host videos that have temporary links or that are linked to video-streaming services. The tedious work on purging out all these links from the database (as well as giving the opportunity to check all the URLs for broken links) had started...
25th August 2006
Muppet decided to propose that birthday present I accidentally ruined by reviving my LJ... The Kawoosher was created! Now Kawoosh! had its own LJ community, I no longer used my own LJ to post updates. I redirected the http://kawoosh.puddlejumping.co.uk address to point to the new community incase others were still using that URL. If you have an LJ, feel free to join! If you don't have an LJ, feel free to sign up for an account and join!
30th August 2006
...the purge was complete. Kawoosh! was now free from temporary links and links to video-streaming services. Editors would only be listed if their video was available to download via a permanent link i.e. it didn't expire. The Kawoosh! database was also cleaned from broken links and dead sites.
24th September 2006
Kawoosh! version 4 was underway in attempt to write cleaner code, add all the functionality it was supposed to have in the first place, and to make the user's experience much more friendly and intuitive.
October 2006
MGM launched an official video community site for fans... some thought this was great, some thought this was a ploy to round up all us vidders to later exterminate us with one lawsuit... I thought that Kawoosh! shouldn't accept video links from this place due to the stream-only facility.
21st October 2006
I celebrated Kawoosh!'s third birthday by releasing version 4 - videos were now correspondingly colour-coded depending on what series they focus on (or if it was a crossover), and there were basic search filters added to only show certain series in the video listings. The "Submit A Vid" form was also revamped.
December 2006
afterThought was appointed as Challenge Manager on the forum - responsible for... managing... challenges... obviously!
4th December 2006
Kawoosh! switched web hosts again to DreamHost... and as a result, the forum went down longer than expected and caused illness among many Kawooshers as they all slipped into withdrawl.
21st December 2006
Suggested by Joel and approved by Darren, I was allowed to link to GateWorld.net's episode pages from Kawoosh!'s episodic video listings.
24th December 2006
I created a sub-section in the forum's Vid Announcements thread for challenge entries due to the huge influx of vids for the Mini Vid Challenge - the biggest challenge so far in terms of amount of entries (28!). And yes, being a Supreme Commander, I worked on Christmas eve.
January 2007
New year, new forum structure! The "Vid Making" section was renamed "Getting Started" and "Technical Assitance" morphed into "Vidding". "Vid Announcements", "Vid Competitions", and "Socialising" remained the same. The "Getting Started" section included topics about ripping, searching for scenes, and beta testing. "Vidding" included vidding software, codecs, technical assistance, tutorials, and hosting. Cool, huh? As well as that, the forum guidelines got revised. I don't remember when, but shortly afterwards I added a "Kawoosh! and the forum" section for topics about the site/forum specifically, rather than vidding.
28th January 2007
Proposed by reese_ed, vids listed on Kawoosh! now included a link back to the forum (if it was announced there) so feedback can be left/read. I thought this was an awesome idea!
20th February 2007
300 members on the forum! What made it even more awesome was the fact a fellow Kawoosher posted about it and that's how I found out!
2nd April 2007
In a bid to prevent clip-theft, I left a Reporting Rippers post for Kawooshers to reply to if they suspected someone of clip-theft... clip-theft is WRONG! Don't do it! Or you'll be added to the blacklist and Kawooshers will give you evils.
6th May 2007
4000 videos and 445 editors on the database!
8th May 2007
The Kawoosh! approved hosting sites list was compiled and published (and is still added to).
15th July 2007
The Impala - a Supernatural vidding archive - was launched!
24th July 2007
With the launch of The Impala and now running two video archives, I wanted to merge the Kawoosh! forum into a place where the SPN vidders could hang out too and call it Vidders... I proposed this in the most incoherent waffle-y way to the fellow Kawooshers. Though after much discussion, ummm-ing and ahhh-ing, and despite my enthusiasm in this project, I decided not to go ahead with it. The people of Kawoosh!dom had spoken, and the majority wanted to remain as one independent state. "Long live Kawoosh!", they cri.
19th August 2007
The Kawoosh! shop opened :D
27th August 2007
I gave away 1Gb of permanent web space to the first five Kawooshers who told me when Kawoosh!'s birthday was, in celebration of The Kawoosher turning one year old. I think this was the first competition Kawoosh! held... though... when the shop opened, freebies were up for grabs... dunno if that counted as a competition!
3rd September 2007
Who remembers Jeff? Yes, the one who caused an ickle bit of trouble. Well, his site died along with any videos that were on his server... ouch...
24th September 2007
I performed a super-geeky quick upgrade of the forum software, ready for it to shine on it's third birthday. There was also a mousemat up for grabs for the best "in 20 words or less, state why youlove and adore Kawoosh" - submissions were posted on The Kawoosher.
21st October 2007
More competitions!!! To celebrate Kawoosh!'s fourth birthday, I set up a competition where you had to guess how many videos were listed between 21st October 2006 and 21st October 2007. The winner got a free t-shirt from the Kawoosh! shop of their choice. Oh, the answer was 1049.
26th December 2007
4500 vids listed!

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